Data Recovery Services

Working to be the leading provider of data recovery services in Ghana, Kworld helps clients ensure the best recovery services possible when their computer system fails. With lab locations all around the world; a client list that reads like a who’s who of the Fortune 500; and more than 5,000 recoveries completed annually, Kworld has the experience clients need to retrieve their lost data and get back to business quickly and effectively.

Kworld offers public and private-sector clients focused expertise through a committed and seasoned customer-centric operational and data recovery management team. Kworld not only keeps pace but leads the industry in best practices and continuously evolves by developing new hardware and software techniques to retrieve otherwise inaccessible information.

Key offerings

As full service data recovery provider, Kworld offers support for laptops and notebooks, desktop systems, RAIDs and Servers and data acquisition services. Kworld provides a full continuum of services to support.

Our key offerings include:


In-Lab Data Recovery Services

for physically damaged hard drives requiring dust free clean room environment minimizing any further contamination to the platter surfaces.


RAID and Server Data Recovery

covering all areas of multiple drive servers. Kworld’s continuous research into RAID algorithms ensures that even the newest systems are supported and Kworld can provide the fastest data recovery turnaround time possible.


Data Acquisition and Forensic services

designed to assist law enforcement agencies in securing critical files. Kworld can also work in conjunction with an agency’s high-tech crime staff to develop policies and procedures regarding the handling of electronic evidence, and provide hands-on data recovery training.